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Here’s the truth :: Good coaches are pretty common, great coaches are very rare. Amy is a great coach. She has the ability to illuminate and help you transform that which you think can never be seen, let alone loved into change. Coach with Amy and then send me an email saying, “Jen, you were so damn right”. I will treasure it like I have treasured coaching with Amy. ~Jen Louden, author and teacher


Amy’s coaching is a remarkable tapestry of courage, intuition and love. By minute 3, she had catalyzed a breakthrough for me, through her keen listening and bold questions. By minute 25, I’d experienced several powerful realizations and shifts, each effortlessly unfolded by Amy’s skillful coaching. In one session, I moved from “stuck” to “charging ahead” in a central aspect of my career. Give yourself the gift of working with Amy! ~ Tara Sophia Mohr, author and speaker


When I think of Amy Kessel and her coaching, I think of spaciousness, gentleness, and that little edge of healthy prodding that nature and human beings need to become more of what they’re meant to be. Amy tends, waters, waits, watches, and keeps the soil energized for you to do your own work, in your own natural timing. Amy is a smartie, a lover, and a true believer. I enthusiastically refer my own clients to her when inner transformation is the next natural step in their business unfurling. ~Abby Kerr, Writer & Brand Voice Development Ally


Amy has a direct style that creates a safe, compassionate space in which to process the stuff of life. Her deep-dive approach invites me to access my own intuitive wisdom, and after a session, my perspective is inevitably expanded. Result? I’m quicker to see choices as well as move forward with more focus.  Big thumbs up! ~ Lynn Baldwin-Rhodes, Power Chicks International 


Amy is like Yoda for women who are committed to a high-level of self-mastery and self-revelation.  Every conversation we have together involves deep dives, provocative curiosity and truth seeking at its finest.  She’s a true instigator of life-changing conversations and a beacon of hope for women who want to unfurl.  When you envision a wise council of coaches sitting around the table —picture Amy there.~ Jac McNeil, Professional Coach for Women Solopreneurs


Working with Amy has been transformational. She has the ability to recognize in me the strengths that I don’t see. She is strong but very nurturing, honest and supportive, reflective and extremely present. Amy gave me the tools that I can put to use in all parts of my life to keep me on the path that I seek. She helped me uncover my authentic self, and supported me through the process of discovering how to live by my own values. ~Tina Shattuck, co-founder, Working Mothers Revolution


I contacted Amy because I was having difficulties with academic writing; procrastination was running the show, and I was feeling overwhelmed.  I set out to increase my productivity—and in the process I internalized a set of object lessons that now inform the way I live.  As a result of Amy’s empathic listening, incisive questioning, and inspired teaching, I am more present with my family, more joyful, more productive than ever before. ~ Erin S., social worker/PhD student


What I enjoyed most about Amy was that she is totally present and able to “get” me.  This made her able to ask pertinent and challenging questions that drew me closer to my own wisdom.  From the coaching I also have a clearer sense of my strengths and how to work from this point of reference.  I feel more confident about how to navigate ideas, my schedule and stick-to-it-ness.  Ronly Blau, owner, Meadow Heart Ayurveda


Amy’s commitment to clear and gentle communication provides an open prairie in which I felt safe and inspired to explore freely, without judgment, my own personal goals. During our sessions, Amy ushered me in the direction I found challenging to do on my own. I felt that I could open myself up without fear of feeling vulnerable or being judged.  ~ Beth Maloney, Raven Haven life coaching

I contacted Amy because I had just made some big changes in my life and I needed to find some peace in my decisions. I had just moved to a new town and opened a psychotherapy practice. I felt like I was on the cusp of something great but I didn’t know what or how to get there. I needed someone strong and knowledgeable and someone I could trust. I had hoped that Amy would give me a mathematical equation that would help me maintain my passion for work while balancing my leisure time, family and friends, my spirituality, my finances and my health. Instead she gave me so much more. She helped me get back in touch with my intuition and to know what my body and spirit needed in order to find what I needed in each moment. We jumped right in and began a journey that has helped me find peace.~ Giselle Dias, MA, psychotherapist

Amy has helped me to take a wonderful life – one that I feel very proud of and enjoy tremendously – and dig deeper into it to better understand my strengths, my fears, my hopes, and to learn to trust myself and my intentions as I prepare for a major transition.  She is a talented listener, incredibly knowledgeable and insightful, and is fully dedicated to supporting me in uncovering the most necessary of questions. Thanks to Amy’s coaching, I’m in the midst of some of the most profound personal growth I have ever experienced. Working with her is the best investment I’ve ever made! – Andrea P., international educator


I am a senior-level executive in a high-stress position. Amy helped me get “un-stuck” from thinking about my career in old, tired patterns and to contemplate making a major change. She helped me identify how to move to the next phase in my career, even if I didn’t get a new job. Through the very provocative conversations we had, I feel very grounded in knowing what my needs are for my next opportunity. I know how I want to feel in my next role, and I will be looking for a position that honors my values. Thanks to Amy’s coaching, I am in a much better place to assess my next opportunity, and know that just because I can do the job, it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for me. – T. E., Seattle


Amy helped me during a time of great transition to become more clear in my intentions, allowing me to make decisions based less on fear and more on stepping into a fuller expression of who I am.  I am so grateful to her.  – Marcie H., physician


Amy’s coaching helped me to get to the core of the issues that I was facing in making a career change.  She has a great style of imploring you to be in touch with your body and senses to enable a whole-body experience.  In working with Amy I have learned to not just listen to what is rational (my head) but also tap into my heart/gut responses that I was previously ignoring.  Amy has taught me how to be aligned as one being – not head vs. heart – but everything working together toward one common goal.  I believe that Amy would be a great coaching choice for someone who is struggling to get “out of their head” and allow their heart to guide them in a decision.  Her coaching was truly transformative and I definitely have a different outlook on my approach to my career change and ensuring that my path will be true to myself. ~Amy P, project manager


I’m continually grateful to have had the opportunity to be with you and the other wonderful women in our circle. It’s still an unfurling process for me, as I imagine it is for all of us, and I think of our time in the circle often and draw strength and inspiration from it. Thank you for creating that space, for nurturing it, for holding it there for us, and for letting it be a place to come back to. I feel so much appreciation toward you and my Unfurling cohort. ~ Paige B., entrepreneur


I sought coaching because I was in a place where I could feel changes in my life, but didn’t know how to proceed.  I was looking for clarity around direction and possible options.  I had questions whether life coaching was the right next step, but since I seemed to be going nowhere fast and knew that I needed help, I made a decision to commit to the program.

The coaching exceeded my best expectations  and had a surprisingly pervasive effect on my entire life.  As a result of the coaching I was able to see options, clarify the next steps to be taken, and feel inspiration for new forms of self expression that had not been visible to me before.  I was able to begin the work. – Karen S., artist


Coaching with Amy was a great choice for me in my life because I needed an idea stimulus.  She gave me space to try sorting out what was in my head, but was not yet ready for public viewing.  She was a good partner to have in a time where I was very doubtful of my path.  I guess I was really closed off to thinking that my life and my job could be any other way than they are/were. Within our first session she gave me some embers to start my own fire!  -Isaac B., physician


I came to Amy during a deeply challenging time in my life. I was engaging in many counter-productive activities, such as self-pity, fear chattering, the blame game and wading in the swamp of worry and hurt. Amy would call this “letting your inner critic take the wheel”. She has an incredible ability to cut to the core of the matter, she challenges you to ask the most pertinent questions that will have you shedding skin instantly – layers that do not serve you will simply fall away. With her full attention, fierce honesty, and incredible intelligence and wisdom Amy allows the space for you to hear yourself. She will ask you to turn towards the things that you want, to create your own intention. This is a powerful thing. She has helped me to stand in my strength and as I do this more and more my cells mutate. Working with Amy was a true gift to myself and I would recommend her to anyone looking to manifest the life of their dreams.   ~K, Actor-Creator, 32


I sought Amy’s help to navigate through a new starting point in my life. Her caring, intuitive style allowed for thoughtful direction which gave immediate results. After our 3 months together, I have a more solid self-understanding of my current situation and feel more clarity about how to move forward at a pace that feels balanced and nurturing. I will always be grateful for Amy’s intelligent and clear insight during this time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. – Paula P., midwife